Tel.: 211 402 1083


Before returning the product, it is necessary to contact the Wisdom Valley Service Department (Tel. 211-402-1083 or 6946-680-398).

• Returns must be made within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product and the return conditions (eg product not to be opened and in perfect condition) must also be met. This is why we recommend returnig the product in a suitable package – don’t use just an envelope).

• Returns should be made with a courier company rather than by mail.

• If the product is used or the original packaging is tampered with, the return will not be accepted.

• Your money will be refunded within 30 days of returning and receiving the products from our company.

• In the case of an invoice, the return is to be made by means of a dispatch note.

• If the return is not made within 14 calendar days of receipt or if some of the return conditions are not met, the company has the right not to accept the products back and not to replace them.

The address at which the products will be returned is:

Tel .: 0030 211 402 1083 –  0030 6981 374 515

In the event of a defective product or a shipping error, we are replacing the product(s) or refunding the value of the product(s), following the following Return Procedure:

• Pack and ship the package with the product|(s) by using our partner courier company and charge the recipient. Inside the shipping package, you will have a note informing us of the problem that has occurred with the returned product as well as proof of purchase.

• If the refund conditions applies, we will replace the product or credit the corresponding amount in your bank account.

• If the package arrives and proves that the return conditions do not apply, the product will not be accepted. It will be returned to the customer and the transportation costs will be borne by him.

In case where the customer requests a product return:

• Returns must be made within 14 calendar days of the date of receipt and return conditions must be met (eg the product should not be opened and be in excellent condition). The product should be returned in a suitable package, not just an envelope).

• Return costs are covered by the customer. Attention: the shipment can be done with a courier company rather than the regular mail service.

• The package to be returned must be accompanied by a photocopy of the receipt and the code (s) with which you want to be replaced.

• In case of a refund, your bank account will be sent (if the original payment was made by deposit or cash on delivery).

• Once the returned product is inspected by our relevant department and we agree that the conditions for return are met, we will proceed with either replacing it or refunding the money.

• Note that if the order is not more than 45 € (after the return), there will be a charge for the relative shipping costs.


• In any case, you must first contact Wisdom Valley. (Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 – 16.30)

• Changes to products that are part of a greater offer (that included other products too) are not accepted. The entire package should be replaced.